Thursday, June 23, 2005

SCORE - Free advice to Small Businesses

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Many times a startup business client comes to the lawyer with questions beyond business formation, organizational strucutre and partnership arrangements. As a counselor to the business, the client also asks business development questions in areas such as marketing, employee hiring, training and retention, financing, and a "score" of other areas. A successful small business needs to have a team of advisors, including an attorney, accountant and a "business mentor".

SCORE "Counselors to America's Small Business" is an excellent place to find a "business mentor". It is an organization dedicated to helping the budding entrepreneur with a great idea take that idea from concept to successful reality.
SCORE offers retired executives as "business mentors" to help a person develop their business from concept to reality with real-life experience and advise. And the best part - it is FREE.

SCORE describes itself as:

"SCORE "Counselors to America's Small Business" is the best source of free and confidential small business advice to help you build your business—from idea to start-up to success. The SCORE Association, headquartered in Washington, D.C., is a nonprofit association dedicated to entrepreneurial education and the formation, growth and success of small businesses nationwide.

SCORE’s extensive, national network of 10,500 retired and working volunteers are experienced entrepreneurs and corporate managers/executives. These volunteers provide free business counseling and advice as a public service to all types of businesses, in all stages of development. SCORE is a resource partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration.

SCORE offers Ask SCORE email advice online.

Face-to-face small business counseling at 389 chapter offices.

Low-cost workshops at 389 chapter offices nationwide.

Click here to find the SCORE chapter office in your area. Having a seasoned, experienced, wise guide in your corner can make a big impact in your confidence, motivation and ultimate business success."

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