Thursday, August 11, 2005

Need a Nursing Home? Where to Begin your Search

Category: Elder Law

A common question when exploring whether or not a nursing home is necessary for a loved one is "Where do I begin?". One starting place in the Nursing Home Report Card produced by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services.

From here you can search function to quickly find the performance report results for a particular facility. The performance report is compiled by the NJDHSS as a result of its full, on-site licensure and Medicare/Medicaid certification inspections. The search can be performed for a city or county, which then return comparable ratings of facilities. The top rating is 100, as you can quickly see which facilities are close to that top rating.

You will need to visit various facilities yourselves, preferably several times, to decide what is the best location for your family based on everyone's needs and means. This Report Card won't tell you what is the "best" nursing home for your loved one, but it will give you that elusive starting place.

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