Monday, January 23, 2006

Best of the Blawgs - Dennis Kennedy's Blawggies

Dennis Kennedy is a pioneer of attorneys using the internet - I remember going to his site around the first time I had access to the internet (back in the dark ages of 95 or so). His bio explains: "Dennis Kennedy is a well-known lawyer, consultant, speaker and writer who is considered among the most influential experts on the application of technology in the practice of law." And its not just hype.

So, when I recently came across this list of

"Dennis Kennedy's 2005 Best of Legal Blogging Awards (the Blawggies)

Welcome to the 2005 edition of Dennis Kennedy's annual Best of Legal Blogging Awards, celebrating a tradition that began nearly one full year ago. These awards, which have become affectionately known as the "Blawggies," celebrate the best of law-related blogs as determined from my personal and highly-opinionated perspective."

Note: This is an archive of posts, so when you get to the site hit CNTRL+F and type "Blawggies" to get to the main post.

Part of my personal "continuing legal education" as it were is to review the thoughts and ideas that my fellow attorney/bloggers cast out into cyberspace. There are jewels of information out there for the mining if you go to the right places (defined for me as fonts of information for the sake of the belief that more knowledge by more people is better, not to advocate for personal, political or other gain). For those who are interested in furthering their quest for knowledge beyond the limited areas of this blog, the "Blawggies" winners and runner-ups are a great place to start. If you like what you see, sign up for an RSS feed and increase your slice of the knowledge pie.

The post goes on to list the following winners.

I. List of 2005 Blawggie Award Categories and Winners.

1. Best Overall Law-Related Blog - Tom Mighell's Inter Alia
2. Best Legal Blog Category - Law Librarian Blogs
3. Best Practice-Specific Legal Blog - Marty Schwimmer's The Trademark Blog
4. Best Legal Blog Digest - Stark County Law Library Blog
5. Best Blog About Legal Blogging - Kevin O'Keefe's Real Lawyers Have Blogs
6. Best Legal Podcast - Evan Schaeffer's Legal Underground Podcast
7. The Sherry Fowler Best Writing on a Legal Blog Award - Ernest Svenson's Ernie the Attorney Blog
8. Best Law Professor Blog - James Maule's Mauled Again
9. Best New Legal Blog - (Tie) Between Lawyers; Rethink(IP)
10. Best Legal Technology Blog - DennisKennedy.Blog
11. Best Legal Blogging Trend - Bloggers Making Money from Blogging

The post goes on to post the transcript of the "awards show" discussing the value of these blogs, as well as listing some honorable mentions. Happy Blawging!

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