Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Caregiving Tools - For Those Caregiving and Those Advising

Category: Elder Law

From the Family Caregivers Alliance, some excellent tools for Caregivers and professionals who work with Caregivers.

Those who are caring for an elderly or disabled family member have unique needs and concerns.
"Approximately 44 million American families and friends provide unpaid care to another adult, sometimes around the clock. Wives, daughters, sons, partners, fathers, nieces, brothers: —they provide approximately 80 percent of the long-term care in the United States."
For Caregivers, Caregiving Info & Advice has a wealth of resources on topics ranging from hands on skills to Caregiver depression (an all too common result ofCaregivingg).

For professionals who work with Caregivers, there is a Caregivers Count Toolkit, described as:

"It's a step-by-step resource filled with practical information and resources. It'’s designed for program administrators and practitioners to:

1. Sharpen your awareness of famiCaregiversers as an at-risk population in need of assessments to determine their own physical, emotional and financial problems.

2. Give you new knowledge and skills so you can create and put to useCaregiverver assessment that works in your particular practice setting."

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