Sunday, August 05, 2007

ABA Webite adds Blawg Directory - Must Bookmark

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The PA Elder, Estate & Fiduciary Law Blog tipped me off that "The American Bar Association now lists, on its home page, a link to "more than 1,000 legal blogs". This is a must bookmark site.

The blogs or blawg are listed by category according to legal practice area. Your and Yours Blawg is listed in Elder Law (13), Tax Law (20) Trusts & Estates (36), Business Law (58) and New Jersey (10) (the numbers in parenthesis are the total listing of blawgs to date in that category).

A neat feature is that if you click on any blawg listing, you can
* see all the related categories of that blawg, which will let you drill down to related blawgs;
* get the RSS feed
* see all the recent blog postings headlines

For example, click here for ABA Blog description of You and Yours Blawg.


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