Thursday, June 01, 2006

Estate Planning Throughout Your Life - A Series of Articles

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From The Motley Fool, a great quick series of articles about Estate Planning at any stage of your life, from young single adult to retirement.

Estate Planning Throughout Your Life [ Commentary] May 31, 2006: "This series of articles will address common estate-planning needs for the situations that typical people face during various stages of their lives. Although the topic is vast and complicated, with lots of traps for the unwary, these articles will give you the basic information you need to ask informed questions and to get appropriate assistance along the way.
To read all of the articles in the series, click below:

Estate Planning: Winding Down
At a certain point in life, things begin to get simpler again. Children grow and start out on their own. Thanks ...

Estate Planning: Bringing Up a Child
As any parent knows, caring for a child involves a huge amount of responsibility. Infants and toddlers need full ...

Estate Planning: Single and Starting Out
At first, the concept of estate planning for the young seems silly. You might ask, "Why do I need estate planning? ...

Estate Planning: Single and Getting Ahead
After a few years of earning money, you've done all the right things. Perhaps you've used the Fool's Credit Cards ...

Estate Planning: Retired and Comfortable
You've made it to the end of your working life, and now it's time to reap the benefits of all of your hard work. ...

Estate Planning: Two's Company
Getting your individual estate planning under control is a significant step on the path to financial security. ...

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