Monday, April 28, 2008

Parsippany lawyer's practice a senior matter

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Elder law is pressing for seniors and their families. The biggest barrier to planning is lack of information. I was happy to do my part this past Sunday in the Daily Record article "Parsippany lawyer's practice a senior matter".

Parsippany lawyer's practice a senior matter
She's one of 39 N.J. attorneys who specializes in elder law
By MARK KITCHIN • Daily Record • April 27, 2008

Deirdre Wheatley-Liss gets the same type of phone call several times a week. It's usually from a man, often a war veteran in his 60s. The house he bought 40 years ago for $4,000 is worth $400,000 now. He and his wife have spent their life raising their children and putting a little bit of money away for their retirement.

Now, one of them is sick and perhaps in need of long-term care and they are wondering, because of the skyrocketing costs of health care, if they will be able to keep their house.
"People call up thinking that their problems are so much different than everybody else," Wheatley-Liss said. "In reality, a lot of them are looking at the same problems."
And those problems are getting larger and more numerous.

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